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Nov 01, 2015 · Screencap from the film Any Given Sunday A few weeks ago there was a big flap in the media when two female reporters, Graham Watson of Yahoo Sports and Joey Chandler of the Tuscaloosa News, were initially barred from entering the locker room of the Jacksonville Jaguars after a game. That matter was quickly resolved,. It's my great pleasure to share Julie DiCaro 's well-crafted narrative that she wrote for this podcast. It is simply the best short history of women sports reporters' locker room struggles. With her use of revealing details and poignant examples, Julie narrates a magnificent stoAuthor: Melissa Ludtke.

The naked truth about locker room interviews By David Uberti A small band of media—normal-sized humans—tries to keep out of half-naked players’ way as they dip behind a curtain sporting the team’s logo and into the showers. Many dressing rooms don’t have such modicums of privacy, leaving players in the buff in front of reporters. May 05, 2015 · The most obvious thing getting naked in a locker room says about you is that you’re, at the very least, probably fine with how your body looks. Author: Zahra Barnes.

There will always be the player who walks naked through the locker room to make the female reporters -- and the male reporters -- uncomfortable. Women are always going to have to have selective. The argument is a little bit deeper than this. Postgame interviews for the most part take place in locker rooms. Thus for a reporter to do her job properly, she has to go inside these locker rooms. They don't rush in there in search of penises to.