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Darcy, I officially have to wash my eyes out with soap and go put on a bra so my tatas don’t swing low like those of that last ol’ painted beauty.. lol. I see women paint their tatas every halloween in Coconut Grove since here in FL the ladies usually don’t mind letting a little extra hang out. Tags: funny awesome cool budweiser wtf frog girls hot women woman hott girl lady breast body paint weird lol sexy. NEXT PICTURE Richard Simmons Goo Goo Parts. 4 Comments. Login to Comment; Follow us on Instagram: eBaum's Picks. Heavy Metal Without Distortion Is Basically Surf Rock From Hell.

Budweiser Frogs Painted On. This is a cool concept but I wish they would have done it with three good looking girls instead of these three older women. I hope their grand children do not see this! Guzer. Funny Videos, Crazy Videos, Fun Games. Budweiser Frogs Painted On. The first Budweiser Frogs commercial was created by David Swaine, Michael Smith and Mark Choate of DMB&B/St. Louis, but only after their ACDs made them pitch first. The commercial was directed by Gore Verbinski, director of the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films. Bud, Weis Country of origin: United States.