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Find used gravity wagons for sale near you. Browse the most popular brands and models at the best prices on Machinery Pete.Location: Hale Center, TX. Killbros Center Dump Wagon Like New Tires & Wheel Bearings This item is located near Mason City, IL 62664 FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT THE AUCTION, CALL TAYLOR: 217-671-3425. Unlike grain carts that use an auger to unload grain from the cart into a grain truck, gravity wagons are usually transported to where the grain will be stored permanently.

The wagon has three sides, which are angled at about 45 degrees, while the fourth side is vertical. There is an unloading door near where the angled sides come together. The design causes the grain in the wagon to funnel towards the door. The gravity wagon is widely used and is an excellent tool to make one's job lighter and more efficient. Aulick Industries specializes in the manufacturing and sale of quality Belt Trailers, Chain Floor Trailers, Dump Boxes, and Dump Carts. Our products are ideal for the Construction, Landscaping, and Agricultural transportation Industry. We can customize trailers for you as well.

Manual and electric roll tarp systems are available for Farm Trucks, Grain Carts, Fertilizer Tenders, Belly Dumps and Hopper Trailers. Our roll tarps include the AutoLock ® Electric Tarp, which allows you to operate your tarp in windy conditions. The SRT-2 ® Spool Roll Tarp is our premium grain tarp, and it comes with our unique tension system which provides a steady and smooth roll in all. The Hippo Hopper is a commercial product line consisting of self-dumping hoppers and specialty metal containers exclusively manufactured by FabCorp, Inc. of Houston, Texas.