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Aug 25, 2018 · In a septic system waste is separated into three layers with one layer being treated and leaving the tank, as you can see in the diagram below. This is drained to a soakaway or drainage field via the outlet pipe and the rest of the contents of the. Clay Service Company has been designing, installing, repairing, and maintaining on-site sewerage systems in North Georgia for over 50 years. No one else in our region can make this claim. Our mission is solving your unique septic system problem, large or small, whatever it may be.

soil decreases, restricting water movement. Septic system drainage fields will be moist as long as a house is occupied, so expanding clay minerals in the soil could severely restrict wastewater flow into the soil and cause the septic system to fail by effluent surfacing. Under current Indiana septic system rules (Indiana State Department of. Does Clay Soil Affect the Drainage on a Leach Field?. When sewage treatment plants aren’t available, septic systems recycle human waste. A typical septic system consists of a septic tank, leach field and soil. Household waste is stored below the soil surface close to the residence. A properly functioning septic system allows waste water to.

CESSPOOLS for WASTEWATER - How to Estimate the Age of a Cesspool. A cesspool combines the septic treatment tank and absorption system into a single component. Several readers have written to ask if it is possible to determine the age of a cesspool A cesspool is pit into which sewage is discharged. Pumper serves owners and managers of businesses that maintain and install residential and commercial septic systems, rent and service portable restrooms and.