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May 23, 2019 · According to the Teens Today report, these transition points or rites of passage include: Puberty. Moving to a new school. Birthdays. Getting a driver's license. Obtaining their first car. Graduating from high school. Going on a first date. For this rite of passage, teens will be given a 24-hour firetending and solo experience. In the months preceding their solo, teens and parents will separately convene to prepare for the rite of passage. On the weekend of the rite of passage, teens will spend three nights living in the forest.

In addition, he is a facilitator of rites-of-passage workshops for adolescents teens and adults. When he is not working, he can be found trying to change wood into art, learning his djembe, or in the garden with his wife and seven year old daughter. Rite of Passage for Teens. He left all of his screens (computer, Xbox, and phone), his friends, and his old habits. During that week he overcame some deep addictions to our modern life and learned that just being himself and sharing himself with others of the group, empowered his .

Rites for Girls - Rites of Passage. In Girls Journeying Together groups a mentor takes a small group of pre-teen girls on a journey from curiosity about what lies ahead, via the ups and downs of moodiness, navigating social media and the deception of photoshop, through the teen years to looking forward to womanhood with a healthy sense of self. Transformational Programs for Children, Teens, Young Adults, and Adults Watch our 3 minute video and learn more about our Teen Rites of Passage retreats. [email protected]