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Life of a gay slave in Jabba The Hutt's Palace. Life of a gay slave in Jabba The Hutt's palace. Padawan versus battle droids. Dangerous to gamble with a Hutt Handmaiden ganged by Tuskens! General Hux refuses to be a slave to bodily pleasures. and other exciting erotic at! Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise. This Story is in no way shape form or fashion my work, I take no credit for it .

Sasha, a Human Sith Warrior, must learn about passion. What happens when two Sith lords end up in hiding? Ultimate gang bang by Stormtrooper clones. A story featuring Zash from Bioware's The Old Republic. and other exciting erotic at! This page compiles some canon Star Wars expanded universe short stories that are available to read online. Hope you find something new. I will add more stories as I find them. Short Star Wars Canon EU Stories. Orientation | John Jackson Miller. The Imperial cruiser Defiance is on route to Ryloth to deal with an insurgency. They are running.

Aug 08, 2019 · Trying to build the story to accommodate one sex scene per chapter. merc with a mouth, a mouth that does more than usual. A collection of short stories. Notable content so far: anal, choking, creampie panties, multiple creampies, double vaginal, tentacles, plants, all the way through this is another Star Wars vore story, this time. A Star Wars Fan-fiction story An alternate universe erotic Star Wars story which proposes what might have happened if Luke's rescue mission at Jabba's Palace had failed and Princess Leia remained Jabba's slave for much longer. And that's just the beginning of this epic multi-chaptered story. Chapters 1-4 were written soley by Shabby Blue.