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May 04, 2009 · A breast lift serves to tighten the envelope of skin around the breast and moves the nipple to a higher position on the breast. Auto-augmentation simply means the breast tissue is sewn together to lend to a perkier breast sometimes even placing a small amount of breast tissue under a sling of chest muscle. Hd xxx movies, tags - auto augmentation breast pictures, Tits, Big Tits, Melons, Amateur, Natural Tits, Boobs, Boobs, Ass, Anal, Big Tits, Small Tits, Free Porn.

Breast Auto Augmentation Surgery. Say the words “breast augmentation” and the first word that comes to mind will probably be “implants.” But there is another option for women who want higher, fuller breasts without silicone implants or saline implants, and it’s called breast auto augmentation. Breast Photos. Breast Augmentation» Breast Lift» Breast Reduction» Breast Reconstruction» Implant Replacement» Auto Augmentation» Body Photos. Tummy Tuck» Liposuction» Body Lift» Arm Lift» Thigh Lift» Face Photos. Eyelid Surgery» Facelift» Neck Liposuction» Men Photos. Male Breast Reduction».

Breast auto-augmentation uses a woman's own breast tissue — not implants — to optimize breast shape and projection. Additionally, it incorporates breast lift (mastopexy) techniques to correct any sagging in the breasts and remove excess skin. Sep 20, 2010 · Breast Lift with Auto Augmentation. Plastic Surgery is an ever-evolving specialty that continues to make improvements in the management of deformities. Breast Ptosis or sagginess is a common situation that many women develop after childbirth, weight loss or it may have been present throughout their adult life.