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Nov 28, 2018 · Naked Lady seeds must be fresh when sewn and planted in commercial potting soil kept moist and drained well. Seeds will germinate in as little as . When you grow surprise lilies for the first time, you'll see just how they live up to all their common names, which include naked ladies, magic lilies and resurrection lilies. Like most plants.

Water newly planted naked lady bulbs only to keep the soil moist only while their roots establish before winter sets in. Later on, when they're supporting foliage or flowers, they need 1 inch, or about 6 gallons of weekly rainfall or supplemental water for each 10 square feet of soil. Surprise Lilies hail from Japan and go by many other names, such as Naked Lady, Spider Lily and Magic Lily. The Surprise Lily is a summer blooming-bulb that is one of the easiest bulbs to grow. They need almost no care and they will pop back up year after year. The tall blooms are wonderful for cut flower.

Aug 03, 2011 · A good time to plant naked lady bulbs is late summer, when they are most dormant. If you are dividing an existing stand, dig them as soon as the blooms fade. In South Africa, naked ladies are often interplanted with native bulbs that bloom at other times, such as spring blooming Agapanthus or winter blooming Chasmanthe. The naked lady foliage usually appears in the spring grows for a couple of months then dies back waiting for the naked stem with pink blooms in the summer. They can be transplanted either when the foliage is up or as the flowers fade in the summer.