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The weather brings them together. An Heiress's alternate for commitment. Twisted family values. Returning to Iceland reveals a big discovery. They become a family with lots of love and discipline. Mary Grace takes them on vacation. and other exciting erotic at Literotica.com! Soft as Fur She Was. fetish seeker4 2018-11-12. The soft fur of the jacket touched my naked torso and I rubbed against it as I stroked the back with my hands. The feeling of soft fur on my aroused dick nearly set off an explosion, but Mrs. Tanner pulled back before I blew.

FUR FETISH STORIES. A selection of great fur fetish short stories. If you want to see your story posted here, please contact us! Mercedes and the Landlord. Ever think about getting down and having just dirty sex, well it's what Mercedes was thinking about as she put on her fur coat from the latest fetish video she did for theloveoffur.com. Wearing this sexy fur coat has taught me what I have always known about myself. I am a fur slut. She moaned loudly; that was so sexy. Yes, a fur slut. She was a slut in fur coats because she had a fur fetish. Jan stood up and walked to the full-length mirror, still rubbing her cunt with the crystal fox.Author: tonias.

My third fur story posted here. If fur disgusts you read no further. This is not the same as the other "fetishes" in so many ways. Indeed fetish or addiction? That is the question. A Psychiatrist's fur seduction and Addiction. Melinda is fed up with George and his damned infidelity. FUR FETISH FORUM FUR FETISH FORUM. Welcome to the FUR FETISH FORUM of FurFetishMistress.com. Fur Fetish Mistress is the premiere website of Fur Goddess, Fur Mistress DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS, the Fur Domme of Fur Glamour!. Fur Fetish Mistress features a Fur Fetish Forum and Fur Guide for Fur Identification.. FurFetishMistress.com is part of the online empire .