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Nearlyou has been fitting mastectomy products for over thirty years with beauty and confidence with top quality breast forms & mastectomy solutions. Breast Forms & Prosthesis. All these have been manufactured by experienced makers who know the exact needs of a post-mastectomy woman. There are different styles available so you may go for a symmetrical prosthesis or an asymmetrical one. Choose a shape that is comfortable for you - from oval, teardrop or triangle. Much more variety at affordable cost!

The Breast Prosthesis Program provides the following items and services, which are available in our comfortable, private Lingerie departments (selection may vary by store): • Breast forms for mastectomies, lumpectomies and reconstructive breast surgery • Post-mastectomy camisoles and bras • Free pocketing on any bras purchased from Nordstrom. Amoena brings decades of specialized experience to the design and manufacture of our partial and full breast forms. Our comprehensive range makes it easy to find the ideal fit for your body, so you can perfect your silhouette whether you’re wearing loose-fitting casual wear, or a form-fitting career ensemble.

Many women who have been treated for breast cancer have had surgery, like a lumpectomy, modified or simple mastectomy, or radical mastectomy. A silicone breast prosthesis is weighted and simulates the natural breast. One of its advantages is that it helps your body be symmetrical again and remain in . Discover a full range of breast forms that offer you a natural feel. These products are made of soft and fine quality fabric which protects the sensitive skin of the user and gives her a sense of security. Mastectomy breast forms are designed to provide a realistic look and feel soft and natural on the skin.