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But the premise of it remains true. It’s an act that everyone partakes in, and it must be reminded that it’s actually a healthy part of life In saying that, to be caught in the act of masturbation would be pretty embarrassing. So that actually makes me wonder why Egyptian Pharaohs were required to ceremonially masturbate into the Nile. Jan 03, 2019 · In Ancient Egypt, sex was a meaningful act that went beyond reproduction and taboos. Pharaohs would perform a ceremony to thank their main god, which involved masturbating at the riverbank and making sure that the semen followed the flow of the river's waters. This was seen as a good omen and a sign of the continuing life's cycle, fertility Author: Alejandro I. López.

Egypt, one of the most prominent civilisations in northeast Africa dates back to the ancient times when the Pharaohs used to reign over the country. Blessed with the world’s greatest man-made. Oct 25, 2017 · In an Egyptian myth, the god Atum created the universe by masturbating, and every year the pharaoh of Egypt ritually masturbated into the Nile. In some traditional cultures, masturbation is a.

Yet the phallic god Min or Menu represented the sexual potency of the Pharaoh, the Great House, an aspect of the Good God considered necessary to the fertility of the Nile valley. During the annual festival of Min men engaged in public acts of masturbation, but . In the end of 2015, Nef The Pharaoh released the single No Masturbation. Checkout more mixtapes of Nef The Pharaoh and more content related to rap and hip-hop on our platform.