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But firm, so hopefully an easy clean up later! Oh and pee’d my panties so wet and poopy:) morro70 August 12, 2019 0 diarrhea, it turns me on so much. I usually have planned accidents by eating alot of high fiber foods and holding my poop for a couple days. I’ll take a strong laxative then go for a walk or to the mall and see what. Read Mable's Poopy Discovery from the story Pooping and Peeing Stories by Poopypants7 with 46,899 reads. pee, pooping, toilet. Mable was sitting in class, list Reviews: 14.

Confession #4817. 05/03/2019 It's a good thing I mostly take dumps at work, because my feces are so big and masculine my garbage little apartment toilet can't handle it; I have to poop in pieces and flush like a total of 3-4 times if I go at home. She watched me poop. Listening to my female roommates using the toilet. Her dirty fantasy ends up being his, too. Gay sex and accountancy. Things get dirty in the shower. Cleaning up an accident can be just as fun as making one. and other exciting erotic at Literotica.com!

Oct 02, 2014 · He took off her panties and dumped the poop out, but didn't give them back to her. They started stripping and after some making out naked, they went back to sleep in each other arms. Please keep in mind this is my FIRST omorashi story, so sorry if you don't like it or if it's too fast. Give me some advice if you think I could've done something. She said “nope, just pants.” I sighed in relief. In my head of course, all I had to do was hold my pee and stop mom from noticing the poop. So I held the pee. The poop felt good. I started thinking this is my chance to let her know that I want to wear diapers. Than I remembered my plan to wait till I move out than start wearing them.