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pain in crotch after masturbation - Stomach Pain After Masturbation: Is It Safe and Normal?

Feb 04, 2014 · Can over masturbation cause Groin pain? I masturbate 1-2 times daily and have been getting a sore feeling on my genitals. 1-2 times daily and have had intercourse the past 3-5 days and was wondering if this could be cause by too much masturbation and/or sex. near my crotch for years. Its colour was the similar colour as skin. 1-2 years. Pain after ejaculation is not a rare condition. Various studies estimate that between 2 and 10 percent of men are experiencing it at any given time, and a majority of men experience painful ejaculation or penis pain after ejaculation at some point in their lives. Painful ejaculation can occur at any point in a man's life, but it is most common in men aged 50 to 59.Author: Dr Artem Agafonov.

Pelvic pain during urination and after ejaculation may also be caused by problems with the prostate, a gland that surrounds the urethra below the bladder and secretes a fluid that forms a major part of ejaculate. Infection or otherwise, it's critical to get medical . These have anti-inflammatory properties and over-masturbation tends to reduce this production. This leads to a groin pain which can extend into the testicles and continue chronically. Penis shrinkage: When started early in life, the amount of growth hormones in the body reduces with over-masturbation. This leads to inadequate amount of hormones Author: Dr. Sanjay Erande.

Jul 24, 2008 · i'm a 17 year old guy.i don't masturbate very often, maybe once every two weeks. but every time i masturbate,after 1 hour i feel some pain in my upper leg and groin area.the pain is not severe and does not bother me very much. but what do you think causes the pain? 1 hour ago - Status: Open. Dec 01, 2011 · I have been having this weird groin pain after masturbation especially, since the past month or so. In this time, I have been to a doctor, he has even checked for any testicle disorder and found nothing wrong. He even suggested a Lower abdomen sonography and it came back normal. Then what exactly is this groin pain that i feel after masturbation?Status: Open.