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As Seen On TV Items Infomercial TV Products Store. Shop online for a variety of As Seen On TV Products that would make great gifts at Find the . Infomercials is the name of a project of quarter-hour American television comedy specials that have little to do with each other except that they are all fictitious.. Most of the episodes lampoon the infomercial format, while others parody tropes and cliches in media such as closed-circuit info channels in hotels, sitcoms, and public-access television.The specials typically air at 4 AM Eastern Genre: Parody, Satire, Black comedy, Anthology.

As On TV Infomercials - Saw It On TV? Buy It Online! As Seen On TV Products This is an online As Seen On TV Store that offers product advertised on television infomercials and commercial ads. If you are looking to buy a tv product chances are you will find it here. "But wait! There's more!" "Call right now and we'll double your order!" Infomercials may make us chuckle, but they bring in some serious bucks -- an estimated $91 billion in sales each year [source: Larson]. HowStuffWorks has compiled a list of the 10 most memorable (and sometimes most outrageous) infomercials of all time.Author: Stephanie Watson.