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Get the adult entertainment you want whenever you want. Just tune to ch. 1584 to see our full library of Adult On Demand ^ content. You can also find On Demand ^ listings for individual adult channels on chs. 1588, 1594, 1596, 1598, and 1599. To access On Demand content, you'll need an HD DVR connected to the Internet. Learn more about connecting. Go to your myAT&T account overview and choose My DIRECTV. Select Manage my plan. Select Add/remove channels. Select Activate Now next to the channel lineup, package, or premium channel you want to add. Want to remove a channel or package? Contact us.

Re: How do I delete channels listed in guide and in "Channels I get that we DON't subscribe to? Yes, the "channels I get" should be labeled "channels I might get" or some such. Many folks create a custom guide and add only those channels they wish to see there. Nov 02, 2009 · Even though removing it from the history doesnt remove it from the bill. The program NUMBER of purchased programs is stored on the access card. The program NUMBER and other details of the program are stored on the HDD or in the case of a non-DVR in non-volatile RAM.

Unlock more value when you order DIRECTV packages for your home or business. Order today and take advantage of limited-time promotions, such as equipment upgrades at no extra cost and free standard installation included in up to four rooms. 2 Act now and get the best deals available. Feb 25, 2008 · Answers. Adult pay per views, however, will be renamed to add discretion. It would look similar to ADULT PPV_93 Which basically means that channel 593 (the 3-hour block) was added. The way it works is the channels in the 500 range will be listed like that without the 5 in the channel listing. If you ordered a naughty movie Status: Open.