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This program provides entrepreneurs with tailored advice and counseling in areas such as sales, marketing, access to capital, board composition, management, and human resources. Foundation Values - Adult Entrepreneurship Programming. Arkansas Adult Education Entrepreneurship Program. Scholarship Application Form. The Arkansas Department of Career Education/Adult Education Division (DCE/AED) has been awarded a Rural Business Development Grant (RBDG) from Rural Development, an Agency of the USDA, to provide scholarships for a Certificate of Proficiency in Entrepreneurship.

Finally,entrepreneurship programs offer a vehicle for connecting youth with adult mentors who have experience in and ties to the business world. Developing support for entrepreneurship programs offers opportunities for engaging new and nontraditional partners in . Adults & High School Juniors and Seniors. This program prepares students to envision, develop and manage their own business. Students discover the skills necessary to be an entrepreneur, including: developing a business plan, identifying market needs, marketing a business, maintaining accurate records and accounting processes, managing finances, and integrating technology into business .

If you’re looking to be your own boss and create your own business, this is your program. Small businesses are a large part of the Ohio economy. People with an entrepreneur mind are needed to keep businesses diverse and interesting. Entrepreneurship might be for you if: You thrive on challenges. You’re good at problem-solving. The Arkansas Adult Education Entrepreneurship Program offers students a combination of face-to-face training and online training. At the completion of the program scholarship participants will earn a Certificate of Proficiency in Entrepreneurship. Program of Study The Certificate of Proficiency in Entrepreneurship is designed to inspire.