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To begin building the skills to apply the theory on behalf of others’ development; As each purpose contributes to the others, the course interweaves these three themes, moving back and forth among them. Download a hardcopy of the syllabus here. SYLLABUS Hello Class: I am your course facilitator for the upcoming WED 486 Adult Learning course. This course will include a number of topics with special emphasis on areas of most concern to our SIU students majoring in Workforce Education and Development. Attached is my course syllabus. Please review it and contact me if you need clarification.

overview of the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of adults across the life span, including the influence of culture on development. Major theories and research findings in the adult development field are explored with an emphasis on how individuals progress through a. Adult Development and Aging II: Interpersonal Issues (PDF, 59KB), Fall 2012. Susan Bluck, University of Florida Adult Development and Aging (PDF, 115KB), Spring 2012. Karen L. Fingerman, Purdue University Adult Development and Social Relationships (PDF, 63KB), Spring 2011. Michael Marsiske, University of Florida.

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