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What is Adult Day Health Care? Adult Day Health Care is a program Veterans can go to during the day for social activities, peer support, companionship, and recreation. The program is for Veterans who need skilled services, case management and help with activities of daily living. Examples include. VHA Medical Benefits The VA will pay for adult day health care but not adult day care. Adult day health care is included in VHA Medical Benefits Package. However, one cannot simply enroll in a program, they first must be assessed and found to have a clinical need for the level of care and supervision provided in adult day health care centers.

According to the 2015 Genworth Financial cost of care survey, the average cost of adult day care in Arkansas is $1,733 per month. The monthly base rate for Arkansas adult day care is typically higher when compared to neighboring states. Arkansas is also more expensive compared to the national average. This cost is the base cost for in Arkansas. Adult day services is a professional care setting in which older adults, adults living with dementia, or adults living with disabilities receive individualized therapeutic, social, and health services for some part of the day.